ExplorMine Consultants is currently partnered with Paramount Mining and Energy Pty Ltd and Delma Projects to develop the Koalabata Pipe 307 diamondiferous pipe and associated kimberlite dykes on a 19.3 square kilometer exploration license located east of Maseru, Berea District, Kingdom of Lesotho.

A crescent shaped diamondiferous pipe of about 1.89 ha (~300 m x 70 m) has been delineated by historic geophysics, drilling, trenching and pitting. The pipe lies in the upper Triassic Elliot Formation. Geological, drilling, sampling and analytical data and reports are limited as much of the data for the project has been lost. The project requires a systematic exploration strategy for further development. The project will be subjected to task driven sequential testing phases to determine project feasibility.

ExplorMine together with its partners is negotiating Joint Venture agreements with selected investment partners.

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