ExplorMine Consultants, Geological Modelling, Mineral Resource Estimation

Geological Modelling

Raw geological, geophysical and geochemical data often requires additional processing to ensure the data is in the required format for further modelling in a particular geological modelling software. ExplorMine has extensive experience in a wide variety of geological software required for processing and further modelling and interpretation of raw data.

Modelling often begins with a detailed interpretation of geological data and understanding of lithological and structural controls on mineralisation. ExplorMine often uses detailed sections through the deposit to form the basis of geological modelling.

2-D or 3-D geological and mineralisation Wireframe/Digital Terrain Modelling follows from detailed geological interpretation and section construction or the generation of point clouds on relavant geological contacts.

Our team of consultants has been generating wireframes/DTM’s for well over a decade for a wide variety of clients and mineralised bodies.