ExplorMine Consultants was commissioned by Black Mountain Mining Pty Ltd to complete a Joint Ore Reserves Committee compliant Competent Persons Report, in support of a Feasibility Study for the Gamsberg North Zinc Project (GNP).

BMM is a subsidiary of the multi-commodity resource company Vedanta Resources PLC. BMM comprises the Black Mountain Mine and the Gamsberg Zinc Project; both are zinc-lead assets located in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. The GNP is currently in the project start-up stage, while Black Mountain Mine has been a productive mine for over three decades.

The GNP is located near the town of Aggeneys approximately 40 km south of the Orange River and 120 km east of the town of Springbok in the Northern Cape Province, Republic of South Africa. The site is characterised by an oval shaped inselberg which averages 220 m above the surrounding plains.

Gamsberg is one of the largest unexploited zinc deposits in the world. The deposite is hosted by iron sulphide-rich pelitic rocks and iron formation, and the main economic mineralization comprises sphalerite (zinc) and minor galena (lead). The GNP is a zinc dominant Broken Hill type deposit that is now hosted by the medium to high grade metamorphic volcano-sedimentary succession of the Aggeneys Sub-group of the Bushmanland Group.

Zones of the mineralisation occurs within magnetite rich, pyrrhotite rich and pyrite rich zones mapped in drilling between banded ironstone formation (“BIF”) hangingwall units to a calc silicate footwall unit. A gossan covers much of the mineralisation to a depth of 100 m below surface.

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